bat paths for INSTAR

Here is one of my recent pics which featured as part of BAT, a sci-art exhibition curated by INSTAR…… taken with Sean No (Urban Revolution) at dusk in Wollaton Park (Nottingham).

This light path depicts one of the seven species of bat which reside in the park……

noctulesimilar to the Rufford commission some time back, I really enjoyed working within the elements on this shoot.  This woodland is incredible and full of wildlife and wonder.

As the co-curator of INSTAR, BAT has been a great sci-art experiment, and proven to offer a wide breadth of curatorial and creative exploration…… with a visit to Venice Bienalle soon, to further inspire…. and hopefully whilst wandering through the alleyways the next project will be processing and evolving into its next formation…..

All fun

surface gallery open

This years Surface Gallery Street Art Open, was nice to support!  I have two works exhibiting:

Screen One, Odeon Cinema (featuring Sean from Urban Revolution)

Cone (featuring JP from Urban Revolution)

Offering an wide range of doodles, outsider art and graphic illustration, my photography sort of slots in …. and it’s nice to be part of the collective!

Here is a review of the exhibition, which features a mention of my work …

Left Lion review

- also 2 of the TRACE films are being shown in Wakefield (Hepworth Gallery) tonight, as part of their Pecha Kucha night.   I wanted to head down there to do a talk but sadly couldn’t make it over early enough.  Sounded like a really interesting format for a night of art talks…..

New project info to follow soon

images at Surface Gallery

Check out the street art open at Surface Gallery in Nottingham…. A couple of TRACE images feature (ODEON screen one and Cone) and it’ll be up until the 29th June.

Southbank Skate Park….31st May 2013

When I heard about the campaign to save the iconic South Bank Skate Park in London from its fate to become a retail outlet, cafe or the like…… I decided to invite Nottingham freerunners to join me for a one off  TRACE shoot….

By pure luck, and particularly in contrast to the usual cold, icy, dark conditions of a TRACE shoot, myself, Josh Peat and Jack Holmes headed to London on one of the hottest, sunniest days this year :)

With a buzzing atmosphere of plenty of skateboarders, BMX freestylers and onlookers, we ended up with a short 1 hour window from 9:30pm – 10:30pm, as the sun finally decided to drop behind some buildings across the water…. and here are some of the resulting images….

A great day!

Southbank 01 - Featuring Josh Peat (Urban Revolution)

Southbank 01 – Featuring Josh Peat (Urban Revolution)

Southbank 02 - featuring Jack Holmes (Urban Revolution)

Southbank 02 – featuring Jack Holmes (Urban Revolution)

Southbank 03 - featuring Josh Peat (Urban Revolution)

Southbank 03 – featuring Josh Peat (Urban Revolution)

RIP Odeon

I feel very lucky to have entered into the Odeon in its final days before is sad demolition…… it’s an incredible site to see being pulled down at such a dramatic rate… and also to see the very projector windows where Sean jumped through earlier this year, from the street side.

The Odeon is not the only demolished site I have photographed in the past 12 months, Dunkirk fire station is now a pile of rubble…. as is a petrol station nr QMC….and the wonderful old swimming baths and factories on Alfreton Road, which currently beholds an impressive interior, easily viewed from the street.  These buildings are our heritage… now gone.  ho hum.

I’ve just visited an amazing space on the waters edge of the Trent…. an abandoned building which still manages to stand up like something from a communist state…  a risky but very fun trespass… I look forward to visiting this site again soon to capture some interesting moments of play, exploration and have fun….

Its that time of year, when the darkness draws in, I switch on my LED lights and find forgotten spaces….

more updates to follow very soon….

exhibition plans…

well the search and plan is now on for exhibition spots in unusual sites and spaces…. thanks to friends helping me out with my search and also a new collaboration with an amazing artist, news just in that a Bristol project may be interested in hosting my work…. not in any old space tho, but a disused victorian swimming baths….. ahhhh …. just the ticket!  I visited Bristol just a couple of weeks ago and this sight is just so inspiring…. so watch this space…

Other potential opportunities including Milan…. all good, so long as I don’t have to fit into the fashion dress code….

Deadlines for submission for Surface Gallery, Castle Open and FORMAT @ Quad are up, so work and plans for new shoots are starting to take shape….

last week of exhibition at Antenna

It’s been really great to have my work up at Antenna, and now its just 5 days ’till the end (for this time…)  Perhaps I should have a closing party..?

If you haven’t already checked it out,  72 Lumieres at Antenna, is open 8am – 11pm Monday to Friday until 15th June x


book cover… n other stuff too…..

heya….  On the opening night of my exhibition of 72 Lumieres at Antenna, it was great to catch up with local wordsmith/poet Miggy Angel, along with his publisher (check out his blog we bleed ink)…. I was blown away with the invitation for my work to feature on the cover of his first published works Grime Kerbstone Psalms contemporary Britain in verse.

Look out for updates on this…. should be a launch event in Nottingham when its in print…. can’t wait to see this and to see Miggy Angel perform live.

The image Miggy has chosen is probably one of my favourites, particularly at the time, situated within the grounds of an abandoned textile factory, the jump from the ledge was pretty CRAZY….. Featuring Josh Peat from Urban Revolution… here it is……







With only 10 days left of my exhibition at Antenna – if you haven’t yet had chance to check it out, opening times are 8am – 11:30pm (Monday to Friday), for this week only limited edition postcards of my work are available (5 for £6.50)

so what next…..

well hopefully some rooftop action….. some street printing (??) …… some late summer photography in the peaks ….. ahhhhh



well it has been a while since I last updated this blog…. sorry ’bout that…. just been rather a hectic season, hopefully now I will get back into the flow of things.

just to quickly let you know that I will be talking about my photography at Antenna this Friday night (25th May) along with a whole host of other designers, artists and creatives….. here is the flyer…

to check out more about this event and to book tickets click here